Marco Romani is a fine art landscape and travel photographer based in Rome, Italy.

An avid traveler, he picked up photography many years ago as a way of documenting his experiences, but soon he realized that photography had become a real passion. In 2011 he bought his first full frame DSLR and started spending more and more time in the field experimenting with light and composition, at the same time studying and developing post processing techniques to create the characteristic look his images are known for.

Today he travels to different countries photographing landscapes, cityscapes and iconic locations. His images have been published and displayed on books, calendars, magazines, travel guides, CD covers and websites around the world.

Artist Statement

A fine art photograph goes beyond the mere representation of reality. Bringing an image to life, giving it the dynamism and feel of the real moment, is an artistic process and, as such, extremely personal.

We do not just stand in front of a landscape, we experience it. My goal as a photographer is to transfer this experience into my images by finding the right balance between representation and interpretation. It's an effort which involves careful planning, good field practice and an accurate work in today’s digital darkroom.

I don't add in post processing anything which wasn't there at the moment I took the shot, but from simple dodging-and-burning to more complex techniques such as blending multiple exposures for dynamic range, time or focus, I enhance and adjust my images to make them look not just real, but mine.

Marco Romani, Oceanside, Oregon

Contact me 

If you have any request, need information about prints or want to license any of my images, please send me a message using the CONTACT form or email me at

You can also join me on various social media by clicking on the social icons at the bottom of the page.

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